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GPS Tracking

Truck Tracking GPS Software Solutions for Brampton, Toronto and Mississauga

A GPS tracking unit is a device that can be carried by a moving vehicle or person that uses the Global Positioning System in order to govern the present location of the vehicle or person. The recorded location data can be stored within the tracking unit or it may be transmitted to a central location data base, or the computer connected with the internet.

With our GPS tracking solutions almost everything is monitored and helps to reduce the costs of a fuel. Speeding is a major factor in high fuel usage. Proper maintained speeds significantly reduced the amount of fuel used by the heavy equipments. Many truck tracking GPS solutions provides speed information and alert you when a truck exceeds the certain speeds.

Excessive idling can contribute to high fuel costs. When drivers worthlessly waste fuel by using their truck, you lose money from content. Truck GPS tracking system can helps in reducing the costs of fuel by eliminating wasteful idling by alerting you when trucks idle present than a longer duration so that you can take an urgent action sooner, speeding, poor driver behavior, and more efficient routing.

GPS Truck tracking systems also provides location-based information that can be used to provide proper routing information to track the truck in the field.

Netcana Technologies explained some features of the tracking device which are as under:
• Tamper-proof design and robust built
• Consists of a back up battery, in case the device is disconnected from main power source it will continue to function
• Alert sent when the device attached to the vehicle is tampered
• Stores retrievable data, even if the vehicle goes beyond the network area
• Alerts when the vehicle is due for servicing

Trucking Dispatch Software

Dispatchers are communications responsible for transmitting and receiving pure and reliable messages, tracking vehicles and equipments and recording other important information. Number of organizations depends on dispatchers for getting information such as police and fire departments, emergency medical services, motorcycle couriers, taxicab providers, trucking companies and many more.

Trucking Dispatch Software permits buyer to work from anywhere on any device whilst increasing productivity and cutting transportation cost. However this dispatch software facilitates you to give more time to target on sales and better help your customers. You can easily track LTL/FTL(Less than Truck Load/Full Truck Load) and consistently work with Company Owned Trucks, Owner Operated Trucks. Cost and Revenues related to order, trip, driver, owner operator, and customer can be entered by Dispatchers as they receive in real time. Some of the following information is available on the dispatch board:

• Loads: all Available and Dispatched loads
• Trips: all Dispatched Trips
• Equipment: all equipment with Status and Location
• Drivers: all drivers with Status, Location, Trip
• Invoicing: Send invoices to customers and receive invoices from vendors.
• Load and Trip history
• Driver/Owner Operator Settlements

All the above information can be accessed just from one screen.