Top security risks for 2017 and how you can prevent them?

Apr 06, 2017

Incident in news have dramatically increased over the past 2 years. Pre-parators have begun to prey on law enforcement. In 2016 violence against the police in 2016, topped out with 21 officers were killed in November alone, 140 deaths in the line of duty of the year. When your protection is needed by protection, you begin to look for stronger solutions to maintain security. Shock from these events has been widespread.

Wisely, leaders in public and private sectors begun to re-examine current policies to actively look to build their security posture. In last six months, I have travelled to London, Barcelona to do risk assessments have resources in all of these areas to bring on a local level.

The level is around ISIS and similar types of organizations, who have infiltrated the refugee population. Local governments have created a situation. Loose entry policies into their countries have increased threat levels for terrorism.

The client is concerned because they have expats, who regularly travel in and out of thee areas for sales. The company may also have local sales offices in areas where threat levels are high. They have to come for help.

Another consideration is technology. This includes security cameras systems where are they positioned, how many digital, and how many analog, color black and white and so on. He also checks for access readers. Social media gets thrown in there in which list goes on and on. Maybe one of the clients is interested in the entire brand that happens to be going a particular two mile radius of their venue.

Technology plays into the assessment process, as well. And, how are you deploying cameras. A lot of questions go into forming the optimal security mix. It’s a very thorough deep- dive process in into the best posture for each situation. Every situation is unique and it requires a tailored approach.

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