Some features that we have to keep in mind while making a website

Mar 31, 2017

As a business owner, you have ever been clueless as to why your website isn’t converting? Do you feel like you have everything, yet your audience aren’t following through on your call to actions buttons, and your bounce rate is sky high? There could be a few features that are missing from your website, adding and adjusting them may be meant missing on your website. And adding and adjusting them might be the success or the failure. At the end your audience or clients will be attracted to modern design, elements they consciously accept as the norm, because they’ve had that user-experience on other websites. Your web design is the main and the first impression a visitor will have about their business. This page should not only be reflective of your company culture. Things to keep in mind are that the design should attract and imprint in the memory of your visitors to create “awareness” and content should create a narrative to ‘tell your story’ through the website.

You have to make sure that you design is unique and recognizable. Distinct visual move toward and style typography and interactive design elements play a big role in this department. Your web design is unique and recognizable. Distinct visual approach and style and interesting and unique designs play a big role in this department. All this comes under the first impression to your client or audience. Your content should engage. Your content should engage. It should be boring. There is a great way to slot in additional communication, to make your visitors stay connected is through the use of bold hero sections with enriched sliders, every video content and content animation. A large scale animation includes effects such as pop-up notifications. Loading animations are used to keep a user engaged and are popular for one-page sites, flat design and the minimalism. Background animations and videos should be used in modern but can add to the story-telling element of the page. It should be seen as an add-on and not a distraction.

Visitors of your page might not able to pin down the accurate reason why don’t find your website appealing their subliminal will pick up that your page is sub-standard. Trending features include variety of forms, but for the last few years, these features are taking the front seat for UX and UI. Scroll Jacking is where the user’s scrolling is directed to an exact vertical point on the screen and is more targeted. The one other than if your website is not mobile friendly and not having a responsive website is almost as good as not having a website at all. Business need to have responsive website in order to give them online credibility.

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