Role of security cameras on road and public places

Jun 01, 2017

In foreign countries, the video surveillance cameras are a part of daily life and these devices are becoming friendlier with every people. The benefit of security cameras is to the area or country’s police as thousands of security cameras record or caught the people’s activities and videos help monitor the criminals or deter potential law breakers or thieves to not do unlawful things. It is advantageous for police operating areas. There is no objection for implementing security cameras at terrorists’ target.

The video surveillance is act as the threat of terrorist attack in developed nations.  The great reason is the surveillance cameras are to reduce much pick pockets or who do petty crimes and these are the word of security cameras experts from U.S government after watching videos for 20 minutes and evaluating screens. After this the intention of doing crimes discourages the most probable individuals. Since Video cameras are operated by humans and there is an incident of Britain where operator found to focus on people based on their color that the operator once said “Black people were between 1½ and 2½ times more likely to be surveilled than their expectations for the population of the same population. There is a limit or control on use of CCTV cameras because they need to check and balance. The technology has evolved so quickly so far. In our history it is shown that surveillance technologies put in place for one purpose. Just because of lack of any clear boundaries for what CCTV cameras able to poses a significant danger. The fourth Amendment to the US Constitution offers some protection against search conducted by the police.

In some public places, CCTV cameras help in preventing crimes before committed. If every people will aware that you are under surveillance cameras, they may not commit offense near the location as they have fear to be caught off. Many statistics show that they security cameras have reduced crime to much extent. According to survey 20% of crime incidents dropped when cameras were put in public.

The crime committed under surveillance cameras, is the place where chance of catching the thief are much higher. With the help of footage from the CCTV camera, it is easy to gain the description of the person who committed crime even if there were eye witnesses.  We can use these video clips as evidence in the court of law. If there is no footage in the record or no evidence the person may go free. The new version includes night vision which features good and long range of the night vision that keeps away the robbers for the recognized event as they commit crime in dark areas. It also facilitates as a proof for innocent people that they didn’t commit the crime. Now in most cities, CCTV cameras are fitted with traffic lights for preventing the speeding vehicles on road. Even certain matching authorities also can monitor road condition with surveillance cameras.

In today’s time security cameras are extremely functional and have become a significant part of daily life. The procedure to install is somewhat costlier but it is helpful to keep ourselves safe in public as well as private places. But to sum up, Security cameras are quite helpful in reducing rate of crimes in recent time to great levels.

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