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May 22, 2017

New CCTV camera known as “baby camera” can see Infant Stops Breathing. When every couple became a new parent, they live in fear of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) because they still don’t know enough about the condition that fully understand why it happens.

Sometimes we don’t know the exact reason of the death of baby in nursery and we can’t exactly know about the condition what was happened and why it was happened.

Camera named “baby camera” doesn’t helps in preventing it, but with the help of this camera we are able to check on a child’s breathing. With the help of this camera we can’t prevent but for the whole night it can give new parents a little more calm of mentality.

The problem with these CCTV cameras is low-quality streaming footage from a dark room, in the night time it is difficult to know as they are not night vision and it is difficult to know tiny things happening in the room and makes it hard to discern a tiny infant’s subtle breathing movements in the nursery/room.

The new invented hi-def online camera takes care for you that automatically help in the little/micro movements in the whole night and the breathing/ respiration rates throughout the whole night.  One more advantage of this “Baby camera” is that there is no need t wear any special sensor clothes or any type of accessories related to them which can fall off anytime through the whole night.

These cameras have unique features that it contains tracking period and also track the original temperature as well as humidity in the room, the best part is that it can track levels of carbon-monoxide levels in the whole room which is harmful for health and it is the best feature that I like in this camera. These cameras serve all information online that we can check everything what is happening present and all we need is the codes and all online cameras. This camera is invented for newly become parents to keep an eye on their child through online CCTV “baby cameras” whether they are anywhere.

These cameras are still in process and their prices will shortly reveal by the manufacturers. But there is a huge demand of parents in Canada and America. Their main purpose is to ensure parents that their kid is breathing in nursery and they all want it for a home purpose too….

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