Menu Displays

Restaurants, food corners, clubs, pubs and other public places as well as schools, colleges, business-man, retails shops all work hard for their appearance. They want their atmosphere, architecture and interior looks stylish and attractive. In food and grocery stores things which look attractive, only they will sell.

Through digital menu board, the restaurants, industry and hospitality sectors appear pleasing for your clients.LCD screen and LED menu boards are used to display your products in visually appealing way.

Digital signage is all about using the digital displays such as LCD, Plasma and LED to deliver rich media content to a public audience. Each display is connected to a network through any IP-based network including LAN, WAN, wired or Wi-Fi networks. All screens are managed through android base management software. Netcana Technologies network can support hundreds of displays of any kind e.g. Plasma/LCDs TV, LED Screens, etc.

Working from your restaurant computer, you will be easily managing your menu board system with the help of user friendly software. The digital menu boards have the initial investment cost but after that it was free to update once implemented.