How we can view multiple DVR and NVR from one location

Mar 22, 2017

If you have more locations where you have deploy one of our securities DVR or NVRs then you are probably wondering how you can view each security camera recorder through one interface. For that there is smart program available to our customers in both Windows and Mac version. Using this Central Management Software  you can perform a variety of functions including viewing, playback and download.

By smart PSS software, you can view multiple DVRs and NVRs from one PC or Mac Computer the DVR support the ability to centrally view CCTV cameras connected to separate DVRs using the EMS that is included. This software is extremely useful for business owners that need an enterprise surveillance system consisting of multiple locations. Users can also combine viewing security cameras at their homes at with one or more business. Please note that the EMS software is designed for Windows based PCs. There are many diagrams by which it is presented and illustrates a network diagram of three DVRs on the same network being monitored by a laptop computer that is also on the same network as the DVR using the EMS software also works when some or all of the DVRs are on different networks or locations, and the PC is also at a remote location. When you are using setup viewing cameras from multiple DVRs using EMS note the steps as instructions. Download the latest EMS software for the DVR here. Launch the software on Windows PC. Click the device button, the device manager screen will open and search your local network your local network for all compatible DVRs. Click ok to add the DVRs that were found to the EMS store that were found to the EMS software. When the device manager windows closes:- you will see the DVR added to EMS software. Click on the New VDVR button, this creates you a virtual DVR in the menu. When the virtual DVR view is added, click on online/offline button to connect to all DVRs configured in the EMS software. Double click on the virtual DVR to open the view of the VDVR. Drag and drop the cameras from any DVR into the virtual DVR view. You can add up-to 64 cameras and can create additional virtual DVRs if needed.

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