Indoor Wireless camera security:-

Sep 29, 2016

Today most of customers are searching for wireless video surveillance systems are under the false impression that wireless makes installation easier. While it may seem as if wireless is the best solution because running coax cable and cat 5 cables seems impossible, in most cases creating a wireless networking for security cameras is more challenging … Continue reading Indoor Wireless camera security:-

Some important things every web designer has to know:-

Sep 27, 2016

With the global reliance on computerized systems and increasing importance of web on enterprises’ competitiveness, the evaluation of organizational processes role in web based technologies and solutions adoption and effective utilization is an important issue. Internet is becoming a more and more crucial aspect of global competition. Web advantages are so evident that often enterprises … Continue reading Some important things every web designer has to know:-

Outdoor security cameras in Canada:-

Sep 23, 2016

This is a report about camera surveillance in Canada. Although cameras have been  appearing for some years in the streets, shopping
malls, airports, train stations, arenas and even convenience stores and taxi‐cabs, no one has undertaken a
 systematic survey of what’s happening in the Canadian context. This report offers some of the history of camera surveillance … Continue reading Outdoor security cameras in Canada:-

Why web designers use Mac?

Sep 20, 2016

Macs were popular with Graphic designers for some time before. They may be famous because of certain graphic design apps used to work on better on Mac, maybe graphic designers value aesthetics of hardware more than most people. Today these are famous for web developers. The reason is “the Macs are better because if they … Continue reading Why web designers use Mac?

Tech Giants Urge US Congress for Internet Domain Changeover

Sep 13, 2016

Tech Giants Face book, Google and Twitter have urged to Congress regarding supporting a plan for the US government to stop controlling their internet’s technical management handover to the global community, said a joint letter issued dated Tuesday. The US Commerce Department oversees the internet’s management, due to its invention in the United States. Some … Continue reading Tech Giants Urge US Congress for Internet Domain Changeover

Surveillance Growth and Trend

Sep 10, 2016

Continuing with the long term trends in the video surveillance market from standard definition (SD) analog equipment to high definition (HD) CCTV and network equipment, price competition, supply base, and the increasing importance of tech in the world market, the year 2016 forecast was that the world market for video surveillance equipment would grow by … Continue reading Surveillance Growth and Trend